SODALITE - The Wisdom Stone

Deep blue with white streaks and flecks. Similar to Lapis Lazuli, but without the gold flecks of pyrite.

Aids pancreas, balances endocrine system, strengthens metabolism and lymphatic system. Balances male/female polarities. Alleviates fear. Calms and clears the mind. Slightly sedative, grounding. Cuts through densitiy and illusion, bringing clarity and truth. Enhances communication, creative expression. Simular qualities to Lapis Lazuli.*

Sodalite helps you conquer doubts that have cost you sleep. It is said that it links the head with the heart to promote clarity and logic.**

Composition: Quartz, Silicon Dioxide

Metaphysical: Sodalite promotes inner peace. It fosters knowledge, learning proficiency, consciousness, communication, wisdom and helps free us from negative behavior patterns. Sodalite encourages self-esteem, rational thinking, logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, higher knowledge, clarity, truth, and perception.

Physical: Sodalite boosts immune system, combats radiation, strengthens gland metabolism, digestive system, and helps with insomnia.

Sodalite is a good stone to wear for the following professions:
Counselors, Priests, Psychologist, Mental Health Workers, Negotiators, Mediators, Debaters, Political Officers, Writers, Newspaper and Magazine Editors, Web Designers, Poets, Artists, Crafts persons, Sculptors, Painters, Textile Designers, and Wood Workers.

5th Chakra: Throat and 3rd Eye

Astrological: Sign of Sagittarius

*Crystal Awareness Guide by Legion of Light
**Rochelle Gordon