Tiger Eye: Stone of Personal Power

Variety of chalcedony (quartz). Beneficial for spleen, pancreas, digestive organs, and colon. Emotional balancer. Enhances connection with personal power and will. Grounding, centering. Helps soften stubborness. Enhances clear perception and insight. Slightly masculine energy.*

Tiger Eye is thought to be all-seeing stone that boosts self-confidence and enables you to have the courage of your convictions. It can empower you to succeed in the area you want it to work the most.**

Composition: Silicon Dioxide, SiO2, Chalcedony Quartz

Hardness: 7

Color: Most commonly Rich Gold with Earthy Browns, but can be red, cream, blue, and black. Found in South Africa and Australia.

Metaphysical: Tiger Eye promotes optimism, psychic ability, and intuition. A good stone to be worn by people who are easily distracted (A.D.D.), manic depressive, and procrastinators.

Physical: Tiger Eye alleviates pain, improves night vision, and assists in in the repair of broken bones. A good stone to be worn by people who have stomach problems.

Astrological: Sign of Capricorn

Chakra: Naval and Solar Plexus

*Crystal Awareness Guide by Legion of Light
**Rochelle Gordon